Thank-you gifts that introduce brands to millions.

Nift is a closed ecosystem where consumers discover new brands and businesses share in the profit of that discovery.

Consumer apps like AfterPay, MindBody and Tripadvisor use Nift to thank and reward their customers.

Customers tell Nift what they like and our AI matches them with gifts they can use to try new products and services.

The result is efficient CAC for brands, increased ARPU for consumer apps, and great gifts for consumers to enjoy.

13,000+ businesses and 56 million customers later, we know this works.

We are reshaping how people discover and adopt brands by introducing new products and services to prospective customers as a thoughtful "thank-you” gift. Nift operates in a closed ecosystem of premium consumer apps, giving brands exclusive access to millions of unique, super-engaged customers, driving brand adoption and generating repeat revenue for consumer apps.

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Millions of people used Nift to try these brands for the first time.

As an alternative to annoying ads, Nift delivers personalized natively-branded thank-you gifts inside premium consumer apps like these.