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Together, we're giving millions of people gifts they love, while bringing in the foot traffic that makes neighborhood businesses thrive.

Product Team

Boston, MA

We are the coders. Builders. Designers. Makers. We dream, implement, test, and repeat—defining how Nift works for millions of customers and thousands of merchants.

Senior iOS Developer Senior Android Developer Full-Stack Rails Engineer Senior UX/UI Designer - Boston, MA Lead Product Designer - Boston, MA

Account Management Team

Boston, MA & College Station, TX

We foster relationships between local merchants and Nift, with a relentless passion to help them grow their business and bring the right local customers through the door.

Market Development Internship - College Station, TX Account Executive - Boston, MA City Launch Specialist (Part-Time) - College Station, TX Account Manager - College Station, TX

Data Science Team

Boston, MA

Our team is the heart and core of Nift. Algorithms and models are the foundation upon which our product is built, with data driving our key decisions. Our product represents a new kind of marketplace and the science around it has yet to be defined.

Senior Data Scientist / Machine Learning Senior Data Analyst - Boston, MA Data Analyst - Boston, MA

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Customer Success Team

Boston, MA

With over a million people using Nift, we're personally committed to making sure everyone has a phenomenal experience discovering a great local business.

Future Openings

Boston, MA

We’re always looking for great people to join our product and business development teams. If you don’t see the right open position, we’d still love to hear from you. We’ll keep your information handy and get in touch if the right opportunity opens up.

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We believe in rolling up our sleeves and using our powers for good. We believe in supporting our communities. We champion shopping local. And we’re not afraid to use leading edge technology to solve age-old problems in ways that have never been done before. Impossible you say? We live for the challenge.

We know that saying thanks goes a long way and that everyone loves getting gifts. We are grateful to be partnering with amazing businesses around town and for our awesome team. We all love what we do and who we’re doing it with. We’re having fun, we’re breaking the rules, and we’re growing.