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Nifts are neighborhood gifts that help people discover great local businesses.

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When a business gives you a neighborhood gift, it boosts the local economy and helps you discover another local business you're sure to love. That's why a "nift" is a gift you can feel good about. It's a gift that does good.

Gift card or thank you email? There are two ways to get Nift gifts.

If you received a Nift gift card in person, you can use it by entering your gift code above. If you received a Nift gift over email, simply follow the directions within the email to get your gift certificate. We'd like to remind you that nifts expire. Please don't forget to use your complimentary Nift gift to discover another great neighborhood business.

People love getting "nifts"

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I am so glad that I received a nift card! I would probably never have found upward spiral studio. I loved the class, look forward to taking more, and will support the business when my free month is up.

Melanie received a gift to Upward Spiral Studio

The shop was fantastic. The sales gal was very helpful. And, I wouldn't have known about it without Nift!

Laura received a gift to Leaf Boutique

Great Thai massage. Lindsey was wonderful. Was not pressured to buy a package or re-book, but I did anyway! Can't wait to go back.

Kaitlyn received a gift to East West Massage

It was a great experience! I went to a store that I had never been to before and look forward to going again!

Elizabeth received a gift to Fun Antiques

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Business owners give Nift gifts to say thank you for shopping local. It's a brand new way to thank great customers and support other local businesses.
Once you select which gift you'd like, you'll receive a Nift gift certificate by email. You may print it out or show it on your phone when you pick up your gift at the store.
Yes, it does. Your Nift gift is valid for 45 days. Please don't forget to redeem it. We'll send you reminder messages to help you make the most of your gift.
We're sorry. Nift gifts cannot be re-gifted. Gifts are individually chosen for each recipient. We may allow re-gifting in the future.

Nift for Business

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Are you a small business owner? Want to thank your best customers, get discovered by even more customers, and support local businesses? Give Nift a try.