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Thanks for your interest in Nift. We have a few guidelines for how to use our brand resources. Please take a moment to review them below.

For press inquiries, please contact press@gonift.com


Nift is a registered trademark. Use of the word Nift should include an ® on first mention, either in copy or as part of a Nift logo appearing on the page. When used in text, Nift should always be capitalized. It serves as both the name of the company and our product (i.e. Nift Networks, Nift gift or a Nift gift card).

Our primary logo is a simplified Nift gift card. The script form may be used on its own, against a solid color. Our company logo used to spell out Nift, as a neighborhood gift, but has evolved as our offering continues to grow.

Tell us what you like. Get matched with new products, services and places to try.

When people use a $30 Nift gift card, they’re matched with businesses where they can use those funds. Businesses trust Nift’s matchmaking technology to bring them the right new customers. They know when people try new businesses they like, they spend more and come back.