What is Nift?

Nift is an invitation-only network that helps millions of people discover their next favorite business. It’s a revolutionary new model that’s incentive aligned for all stakeholders.

Here is how it works…

Partner Brands, including small and large businesses like Uber and MINDBODY, offer millions of customers Nift gift cards as a thank you for using their service, downloading their app, referring a friend, and more.

Consumers use these Nift gift cards as an incentive to discover new brands in areas of interest. It’s a great way to try out new products, services and places without paying full price.

Advertisers reach new top-of-funnel consumers in their market who are incentivized to try their business. These are new consumers who have already proven to be another business’s best customers.

What is a Nift gift card?

Our goal is to help people discover their next favorite business. Nift gift cards are a great way for people to try new products, services and places without paying full price. When people use a $30 Nift gift card, they’re matched with businesses where they can use those funds—wine, food delivery, clothing and more.

How do customers get Nift gift cards?

Businesses give Nift gift cards to thank and reward their customers for taking actions, like signing up for a newsletter, referring a friend, or making a purchase. Customers who use Nift gift cards have an opportunity to earn more. Great customers get $30 to try new businesses every month!

Where can I use my Nift gift card?

When people use a $30 Nift gift card, they’re matched with Nift-member businesses where they can use those funds. Wine, food delivery, clothes, in-home fitness classes, hand-tailored shoes, custom vitamin supplements, jewelry, cosmetics, protein powder, sneakers, steak, beer and more. Tell us what kinds of products, services and places you’d like to discover, and let Nift match you with your next favorite business.

Why do customers only see limited gift options? Can they see all of the gifts?

The gifts available through the Nift Network are exclusive and limited in quantity. We ask people to tell us what kinds of products, services and places they’d like to try, and Nift matches them with the best available gifts that suit their preferences from our curated list of participating businesses.

I don’t like my gift options. Can I get different ones?

Of course! After following the prompts and selecting your shopping preferences, you’ll get matched with gift options. If you don’t like these, you will be able to choose new gifts by clicking reset or going back. You can always email us at customer-success@gonift.com and we can help you out.

How do Nift gift certificates work?

After selecting your gift, you will receive a corresponding Nift gift certificate. If your gift is to a physical business, you’ll be asked to present the Nift certificate on your phone at checkout. Just press the “Redeem” button after showing the certificate to the staff and that’s it! If your gift certificate is for an online purchase, you’ll be presented with a unique promo code and a link to use at the retailer’s site.

My gift card is worth $30 but the gift I selected is only $10. Where did the other $20 go?

Don’t worry! If you select a gift that’s lower than $30, you’ll receive an additional Nift gift card via email with your balance. For instance, you may use your gift card to get a $10 gift certificate to a local pizza place and the balance to get a $20 gift certificate towards skincare products at a beauty brand. You’ll always get at least $30 of value with each Nift gift card.

The gift options offered are all over $30. Do I have to pay?

Some Nift member businesses offer gifts that are higher in value than the balance you currently have. If this happens, they cover the difference so that you don’t pay more for a higher-value gift certificate. For example, you may be offered a $50 gift to try a meal delivery service. If you select it, you’ll use your whole $30 gift card and receive a $20 bonus, which is covered by that merchant. Later, when you use your $50 gift certificate, the full amount will be applied toward your final purchase. Please Note, even higher-value gifts may not completely cover the final cost of your purchase.

If I get a Nift gift card from a business, will I be able to select a gift to try a competing brand?

No. Customers do not receive gifts to competitors unless a brand approves it. For example, a hair salon would never send their best customers to a competing hair salon. On the flipside, if there are businesses that brands think you’ll love, these can be marked as favorites. This tells our system to offer them whenever we can.

How do businesses decide who to give gifts to?

Businesses give Nift gift cards to thank and reward their best customers. Why? Because they know that saying thanks goes a long way. Keeping just 5% more of current customers can increase profits by up to 95% (Harvard Business review told us that.)

Here are 5 More Reasons Why Thanking Customers is Good for You and Them.

How does Nift ensure gift quality?

We review every gift to make sure it's suitable for the network, including the gift's image, language, and type. Once approved, gifts are offered to customers who have already said they're interested in discovering that type of business. We also request reviews every time a person redeems a gift. This helps Nift maintain high gift quality.

What does Nift do with customer information?

In order to activate a Nift gift card and select a Nift gift, people are asked to sign in and enter their information, so that it appears correctly on their corresponding gift certificates. Later, they can choose to share gift preferences with Nift as well as other information that will allow Nift to match them with the best available gifts. Nift takes privacy very seriously and does not share personal information with anyone. Individuals can ask Nift to delete their personal information from our system at any time. You can read more in our Privacy Policy.

Do Nifts have an expiration date?

Yes, they do. Nif gift cards and gift certificates typically expire within 30 days. We send email reminders if we see that a gift has not been used and is about to expire. We also ask customers if they'd like a 2-week extension to give everyone a chance to use their gift and discover a great new business.

I’m having trouble redeeming my Nift gift certificate. Can you help?

Absolutely! If you’ve tried clicking REDEEM on your smartphone at a physical location and are having difficulty, or if you are having trouble redeeming a gift certificate online, let us know at help@gonift.com. We will do our best to assist, and if nothing else, can issue another Nift gift card for you.

Please note, once a gift is redeemed, businesses need to credit the gift value at the register. Nift is not directly involved in the transaction process and relies on business owners to honor the full value of the Nift gift certificate, subject to the rules and restrictions that each business put in place when they created that gift. Live gifts cannot be altered, and participating Nift Member Businesses agree to honor all gift certificates that have been issued.

Does Nift collect feedback and reviews?

Yes, we do. We ask for feedback every time someone uses a Nift gift. Feedback is available to business owners via their Nift dashboard and is a great way to make sure they’re always making a good first impression. We also check back 30 days later to see if customers have returned to the business we introduced them to, or intend to do so soon.

How does Nift work with existing loyalty programs?

Nift can work seamlessly with existing loyalty programs. It's a complement in the sense that it can be used to thank customers that have already been identified as deserving of a gift. Unlike traditional loyalty program rewards, Nift gifts feel more authentic because they aren't a discount designed to bring the customer back to the business that gives them. They are real gifts, accompanied by a sincere thank you note, that encourage customers to discover another great up-and-coming business in the Nift network.

People love getting Nifts, sometimes going as far as to send their own thank you note back to the business that gave them the Nift. Happy customers are loyal customers. Keeping just 5% more of them can increase your profits by up to 95% (Harvard Business review told us that.)

How come I've never heard of Nift?

Our first network was established in Brookline, Massachusetts in 2015 with the goal of helping local business owners get discovered by new customers. Our founder's hairdresser became our first member. She helped to spread the word, and soon we had about a dozen businesses working together.

The hair salon introduced customers to the puzzle shop and the clothing boutique down the street. The children's clothing store introduced customers to a local photographer and the neighborhood liquor store. Everyone gave their customers gifts, and that made customers happy. And everyone met new customers, which made the business owners happy, too. That's when we knew we were on to something.

Since then, we've been building the network and have expanded our offering far beyond neighborhood businesses. We now work with select businesses across the country. We don't advertise and membership is by invitation only. So if you've been invited, you should know a fellow business owner or customer recommended you because they think your business is pretty awesome.

How is Nift different from Yelp or Groupon?

Unlike Yelp, Nift reviews can only be left by customers who use a Nift gift to try out that business. We believe this makes Nift reviews more authentic and reflective of a person's first experience with a new product, service or place. Nift is not like Groupon, either. We don't sell Nift gifts to consumers and more importantly, Nift gifts are exclusive and are only offered to customers our member brands want to reach.

How is Nift different from Google or Facebook?

Compared with other channels, Nift’s key differentiation is creating top-of-funnel demand for new products and services while using a patented gifting algorithm to match consumer intent with the right offer. This one two punch delivers conversion rates that are 7X better than paid acquisition strategies, like paid social and search.

I'd like to try Nift for my business, what do I do next?

Signing up for Nift is easy. If you haven't received a private invitation, you may request one here. If you've already received a private invitation, simply follow the link to sign up. Include your name and email address, verify your business details, and set up your gift. The whole process will take just a few minutes.