What is a Nift gift card?

Nift gift cards are designed to help people discover and try new products, services, and places. When people use a $30 Nift gift card, they’re matched with businesses where they can use those funds—wine, food delivery, music, clothing, jewelry, restaurants, and much more.

Why did I receive a Nift gift card?

If you’ve received a Nift gift card, it’s a surprise thank-you gift from one of our partners. You’ve earned it by being a great customer. Whether you made a purchase, left a review, or used an app or service, our partners want you to know that you’re a valued member of their community. Enjoy the gift!

How does Nift work?

Nift partners with companies like Meetup, Afterpay, Mindbody, and ParkMobile. These companies use Nift gift cards to thank and reward their members for completing specific actions, like making a purchase or using their service. Nift gift cards are designed to help people discover and try new products and services. When people use Nift gift cards, Nift’s proprietary AI matches them with gift options based on their preferences and gift availability. The gifts on Nift’s network are provided by direct-to-consumer brands, like HelloFresh, Allbirds, and Rocksbox, and neighborhood restaurants and bars across the country. These businesses trust Nift to bring them first-time customers and generate sales. They know when people try new businesses they like, they spend more and come back.

How do I use my Nift gift card?

Using your Nift gift card is easy!

  • You may receive a Nift gift card via email, in an app, or via push notifications.
  • Tap to proceed directly to GoNift.com or visit GoNift.com and enter your gift code.
  • Follow the prompts to tell us what you’re interested in and get matched with available gift options
  • Select a gift and you’ll receive a gift certificate valid for 30 days at a participating merchant
  • Not seeing anything you like? Click reset or email help@gonift.com to change your preferences
Once you've picked a gift and received your gift certificate, you're ready to redeem it in-store or online.

  • In person: Present the Nift certificate on your phone at checkout, then tap Redeem.
  • Online: Tap the link to the retailer’s site, add your purchases to the cart, and if needed, enter your unique promo code, featured prominently on your gift certificate.
  • Please note that Nift gift certificates are valid for 30 days, only at the selected Nift member business. Please see individual gifts for rules and restrictions.
  • Nift gift cards and gift certificates are not redeemable for cash. Gift options may vary based on availability. By selecting a gift, you agree to Nift’s terms and conditions and may opt out at any time.

Where can I use my Nift gift card?

Wine, food delivery, clothing, in-home fitness classes, restaurants, spas, gyms, hair care products, jewelry, cosmetics, protein powder, sneakers, steak, beer and more. When you use a $30 Nift gift card, you’re matched with exclusive gift options designed to help you discover and try Nift-member businesses. These gift options are curated based on your interests, location, and gift availability.

I don’t like my two gift options. Can I get different ones?

Of course! Nift matches you with available gift options tailored to your interests. However, if you don't like the options you see, you may reset your card once and try again. To reset your card, please reach out to our customer success team at help@gonift.com.

In certain instances, you may also have the ability to go back or reset your Nift gift card yourself.

  1. Scroll to the bottom of the gift results page and select the link "Not going to select a gift? Let us know why."
  2. You'll be directed to a page that allows you to "Change my categories."
  3. From there, you can select new categories to get a new set of gift options. Note that you can only do this once, and the new set of results will be the only options available after this.

Some gift options offered are over $30. Do I have to pay to select a Nift gift?

No. It never costs anything to select a Nift gift, even if that gift is over $30. When Nift member businesses offer gifts that are higher in value, they cover the difference. For example, you may be offered a $50 gift to try a meal delivery service. If you select it, you’ll use up your whole $30 Nift gift card and receive the other $20 as a bonus. When you use your $50 gift certificate at the online retailer, the full amount will be applied toward your final purchase.

My gift card is worth $30 but the gift I selected is only $10. Where did the other $20 go?

Don’t worry! If you select a gift that’s lower than $30, you’ll receive an additional Nift gift card via email with your remaining balance. For instance, you may receive $10 towards a meal at a local pizza place and then a $20 gift certificate towards skincare products at a beauty brand. You’ll always get at least $30 of value with each Nift card.

What if my Nift gift certificate doesn’t cover the whole cost of my purchase?

Nift gifts are designed to make it easy for people to discover and try out new products and services. Oftentimes, they cover the full price of the product or service you’re trying. Sometimes they don’t. All gifts are exclusive to Nift and you won’t find a higher value discount anywhere else. Depending on what you choose to purchase, taxes, and shipping fees, you may need to cover some additional costs. If at any time you’d like to change your gift selection, we’re happy to help. Please reach out to our customer success team at help@gonift.com.

How do businesses decide who to give Nift gift cards to?

Nift partners with companies like Meetup, Nextdoor, Afterpay, Mindbody, and ParkMobile. These companies use Nift gift cards to thank and reward their members for completing specific actions, like making a purchase or using their service. Nift gift cards cannot be purchased or accessed publicly. They may only be received as a surprise thank-you gift.

How do I get local gift options with my Nift gift card?

Most Nift gifts are available for purchase and delivery nationwide. Depending on your location, gifts to local businesses, like restaurants and bars, may also be available. This inventory increases daily as we expand across the U.S.

Why can’t I see all of the gift options for my Nift gift card? I only see 2 options.

The gifts available through the Nift Network are exclusive and limited in quantity. When selecting your Nift gift, you’ll be able to tell Nift what kinds of products, services, and places you’d like to try. Nift will match you with the best available gifts that suit your preferences.

What does Nift do with my customer information?

When you use a Nift gift card, you may be asked to enter your name and email address, so that it appears correctly on the gift certificate you receive after selecting a gift. You may also share gift preferences with Nift which allows us to match you with the best available gifts. We take privacy very seriously and do not share any personal information without your consent. If you do select a gift, your name and email address may only be shared with that business so they may follow up with you and help you redeem your gift. You can ask Nift to delete your personal information and close your account at any time. For more information, see our Terms of Service and Privacy Policy.

Can I transfer my Nift gift to someone else?

No, you cannot transfer your Nift gift to someone else.

I need help with my Nift gift, what do I do?

If you have any trouble redeeming your gift, finding a gift that suits you, or using a gift you've already selected, please email Nift's customer success team at help@gonift.com.

I'd like to try Nift for my business, what do I do next?

Visit our business site to see how Nift can help you acquire net-new customers at scale at a lower CAC and higher LTV than paid search and social. To see how it works, please schedule a sales call.

Visit our partner page to see how Nift can help you generate millions in new recurring revenue at no cost — while thanking and delighting your customers.

See how Nift is bringing new customers through the door for restaurants, cafes, bars, gyms, salons, boutique shops, and more. To get started, please schedule a sales call.