Part of TUGG’s #TechGivesBack2018 day – the largest community service day in the Boston Tech Industry!

What happens when you put 20 sixth graders and 20 app developers together for 4 hours with a whole lotta pizza? Magic. And a few more brilliant young minds able to picture themselves pursuing a career in tech.

This Tuesday, Nift had the opportunity to participate in TUGG’s #TechGivesBack2018. Along with 20 other tech companies and 400 Boston Public School students in Boston, we hosted Guppy Tank–a Shark Tank-style day for students to work in teams to design their own app. What kind of app? That was up to the students.

The students came in full of ideas ranging from an app that helps you juggle afterschool sports and find time to do homework to one that uses the ingredients already in your fridge to help you cook healthy meals (taking into account your cooking abilities, of course!). Their energy inspired us all–making us feel like we were watching the future of tech right before our eyes. It is bright, full of people from all walks of life, and ready to use creativity to solve any problem we might have.

Dozens of Nift employees contributed their expertise so the kids saw first-hand the many roles that go into making a single app. Ami, who leads our data science team, and Lior, who heads up product, led students through steps to figure out how to best integrate music into a recipe app. Later, Michelle and Ana Maria, masters of Nift’s social, design, and brand, worked with students to make apps you’d want to download—apps Nift was surprised nobody had thought of before—they were that good!

“Developing app ideas, side by side with real app developers, is an incredible way for BPS kids to explore careers in tech. We couldn’t be prouder to volunteer our time today with Guppy Tank 2018 and TUGG to help encourage these brilliant young minds,” said founder and CEO, Elery Pfeffer. After today, we’re eager to see how these creative and inquisitive minds grow. Class of 2029, we can’t wait!