Optimize Fitness & Performance opened in September, 2014 with one major goal – to deliver the best personal training experience in Franklin, MA. I’m Devin Gray, the founder, and I’ll be honest – I didn’t like what I’d experienced working, or working out in, other personal training gyms in the area. I felt the clients at other gyms paid too much for personal training. I saw too many trainers whom weren’t nationally certified or didn’t bother to properly assess their clients. I saw too many avoidable injuries caused by trainers who were more focused on being trendy than on getting results. I saw too many clients being pushed too hard, too soon. So, Optimize Fitness & Performance was designed to be the polar opposite of those experiences. Most of all – we focus on coaching people. Because after all, “You coach people, you train a dog.” We’ve spent countless hours studying the science of coaching – the scientific principles of exercise, the psychology of behavior change, the art of communication, and we’ve invested in yearlong mentorships with some of the industry’s top coaches. All for our clients’ benefit. Work with us, and you’ll instantly be on our team. We’re in it together, and our only goal is to help you succeed. It’s nothing like what you’ve seen on TV. No screaming. No impossible workouts. No complicated meal plans. You’ll receive step-by-step guidance from Point A (where you’re at today, no matter where that is) to Point B (your ultimate fitness goal). Affordable We provide an affordable alternative to private personal training so that you can experience better results at a greater value. Committed We are committed to providing the best results & experience to our members through superior customer service, attentive coaching, and a commitment to continuing education. Scientific We pride ourselves on our scientific approach to health & fitness. Every program is 100% personalized, based on the results of a detailed assessment. As a result, we’re safer and more effective than the competition. Community We want to build a community of strength and health in Franklin. We participate in local fundraisers and community events in order to give back.

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