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Simple Graces Jewelry was established in 2001 by model & actress, Daphne McDowell. Daphne started designing Handmade/Handcrafted jewelry to earn extra money so she could help her church move out of their storefront and build their own house of worship. Daphne started designing and selling Jewelry. “I can’t tell you how I decided to design jewelry. I didn’t even wear jewelry, but I’ve always been creative. ” In the winter of 2001, Daphne started selling her Jewelry at the Hyde Park Village Farmer’s Market. She sold her handcrafted jewels there for 4 years. When the farmer’s market abruptly ended in the summer of 2006, she started looking for a storefront. In October of 2006, she found a home for her unique jewelry store on Henderson Blvd in South Tampa. What started as an act of faith grew into a business that still thrives today.

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So many beautiful and unique pieces of jewelry! The store owner/artist is just delightful.

Lara, October 19, 2019
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