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Maya showcases multi-faceted Regional Indian cuisine by complementing the flavors and traditions of India with a blend of New England fresh ingredients, Indian Spices, and modern techniques. Maya Offers the fresh and healthy variety of Vegetable specialties, signature Tandoor barbecue meats, fragrant curries, delicious Seafood along with Home baked bread and basmati rice. Maya preserves authentic Indian food in a warm rustic and intimate restaurant & bar. Maya is in intimate meeting place with an accent of golden yellow walls that is perfect for a friendly and family gathering or romantic Rendezvous. Our Cozy Bar reflects modern India with a nod to cultural traditions and motifs. Do visit us to experience for a colorful Indian culinary journey.

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Delicious food and friendly customer service. Definitely check this place out!

Lucy, January 25, 2019

Great food and service. A bit noisy if you’re looking for a quiet dinner tho!

Paula, January 13, 2019

delicious, flavorful, and service was good

Patricia, October 18, 2018

Great local restaurant with delicious authentic Indian food!

Kristina, October 8, 2018

Very good food and service

Dan, October 3, 2018

Good food, good service.

Meah, October 3, 2018

Great local Indian in center of town.

Luciana, August 29, 2018

attentive staff with prompt service; delicious, quality food with lots to choose from. will be back

Shannon, May 28, 2018

Food was great

MaryElyse, April 3, 2018

My meal was packed with delicious flavor, and I felt good after eating it! I will definitely be back to try more from the menu.

Taylor, March 5, 2018

I go by the restaurant all the time but did not realize it was there. If was a great experience and anice surprise to know we have a terrific Indian restaurant close to where we live. Service staff very friendly and knowledgeable.

Bernard, February 9, 2018

Great atmosphere & friendly helpful staff. There is also off street parking available. The food is delicious! Very flavorful & decent portion size. We can't wait to go back!!

Alexx, December 29, 2017

Great atmosphere, delicious food and friendly people. They sometimes have live music, too!

Kerrin, December 28, 2017

Great food, polite and friendly service, good prices!

Anna, December 10, 2017

Phenomenal food and excellent service, will definitely return.

Tiana, December 2, 2017

The service and food at Maya are very good. We enjoyed our visit very much and will definitely go again.

Janette, November 27, 2017

Get service and food, we will be back!!

Caroline, September 27, 2017

Great restaurant, excellent food!

Simone, September 26, 2017

excellent food. Best in the area hands down. Will definitely return.

Eric, September 8, 2017

The lamb chops are consistently amazing!

Wynne, September 3, 2017

I personally loved the food. It was a bit pricey but it's better than other indian restaurants that I have tried. My wife was not a fan of the Tikka Masala. She thought it wasn't sweet enough. I disagreed :)

Jonathan, August 25, 2017

Delicious and excellent service!

David, August 11, 2017

GO!!! If you truly want authentic Indian food, this is the place

Pamela, August 9, 2017
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Maya Indian Bar & Grill