Kimberly is a former Newbury Street salon owner bringing her passion, talent and philosophy to the suburbs. Her philosophy of working with sustainable & cruelty free beauty products will result in a more beautiful tomorrow. All services at Kimberly Bruno Salon are provided using high quality products containing certified organic ingredients. As a blonde specialist and hair color expert, she has trained internationally with some of the worlds leading hair color companies. Her passion is to educate and inspire her guests to become informed about the ingredients in their beauty products. Experience her passion and commitment, creating beautiful hair using people and planet safe products.

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First time I went to get my haircut at KimberlyBruno and very pleased. I showed her the picture and she gave me picture perfect style. She’s very easy to talk to. Liked her salon, very neat and clean. Highly recommend to anyone.

Madhu, December 6, 2018

She was awesome !

Jenna, October 13, 2018

Kimberly was very nice & friendly. She was very caring towards the whole procedure. I wear head scarf & I got treated with cold shoulder at a saloon once when I asked to treat my hair in private room. I am sure that saloon didn't want to lose a customer so they asked me to come in but while i'm there they made every possible gesture to show how sad & weird my belief of covering my hair is. But Kimberly was very understanding, respectful towards it.I will surely take service from her again.

Nayma, July 25, 2018


Jill, April 5, 2018
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