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Health is a partnership between practitioner and patient.  We strive to empower you to take part in your own healing and to meet you wherever you are on your individual journey to wellness.

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This was my first time trying acupuncture, and Laura was great at answering all my questions and easing my nerves. I felt GREAT after my treatment and have already scheduled my next session.

Elizabeth, April 2, 2019

Such a thorough and relaxing experience with a helpful and knowledgeable practitioner.

Shula, February 14, 2019

I’m so glad I chose this nift. I’m recommending Meridian Wellness to all my friends

Colleen, October 21, 2018

Laura is amazing! Helped a lot with my allergic reaction and will be coming back this week!

Farrah, September 22, 2018

5/5 for sure!! Laura was amazing as an acupuncturist, and she has created a safe and welcoming environment. I've already booked my next appointment!

Jillian, January 29, 2018

Laura was great! I like her technique. The acupuncture and cupping felt great!

Nita, November 24, 2017
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