Senior Data Analyst - Boston, MA
Data Science Team

Nift brings new customers through the doors of neighborhood businesses better than anything else out there. Join the team that’s giving millions of people gifts they love while bringing in the foot traffic that makes neighborhood businesses thrive.

Data Science is the heart and core of our company. Algorithms and models are the foundation upon which our product is built, with data driving our key decisions, testing and growth. Our Chief Scientist, David C Parkes, is the former Area Dean of Computer Science at Harvard, the founder of Harvard’s EconCS Group, and the Co-Director of Harvard's Data Science Initiative. Our data doubles every two months with even more sources waiting to be added. Our product represents a completely new kind of marketplace and the science around it has yet to be defined. We’re looking for a Data Analyst to join our core team and drive growth and revenue.

This position is based in Boston, MA.

Examples of projects we currently need help with:

  • Analyze real-time data market economic data
  • Evaluate experimental results - On simulated data, real-time data and concurrent AB tests.
  • Collect data, build analysis and present it to monitor and understand the company revenue.
  • Estimate the demand in multiple local markets (in different sizes, locations and development stages).
  • Segment customers and businesses; offer insights and identify revenue growth opportunities within existing core verticals and new ones.
  • Monitor marketplace metrics and system performance and suggest corrective actions when needed.

We have an outstanding core team with deep understanding of algorithmic economics and data science. Our work is highly sought-after and is critical to the success of our business. If you have a proven track-record, want to make an impact and you get excited about the prospects of being part of something really special, we should talk.

Traits we value:

  • Solid understanding of statistics, economics, and math.
  • A keen eye for detail and thoughtful investigation of data.
  • A steadfast focus on creating impactful change and ability to prioritize between many tasks to maximize the improvement of the business.
  • 5+ years of commercial experience is a plus.
  • A minimum of a Bachelor’s degree, a Master’s degree is preferred.
  • Collaborative team player who values the contribution of others.

We believe it's time technology starts working for Main Street's small businesses. Launched in Boston in the Summer of 2016, our start-up is helping millions of people discover great local businesses.