“I absolutely would — and have — recommended Nift.”

Marco Beatrice, Owner, Aspire! Med Spa

Marco Beatrice, owner of Aspire! Med Spa in Lexington, MA, want s to provide innovative and effective spa treatments for people in his community. As a business owner, making sure his business supports his neighborhood and the businesses around him are paramount to his goals. To attract new patrons, Beatrice uses many platforms, but found that what other platforms lacked was an ability to bring in business right from his area.

Beatrice says that unlike Yelp or similar marketing platforms, “Nift allows me to really attract the customer base that I am looking for. That is one of the most important things about Nift. And I haven’t found any other avenue that is as easy, cost-effective, and effective at doing that.”

An Easy Way to Grow Your Business

Nift gives tangible results

As Beatrice, and so many of our other business owners have said, using Nift is simple. For Beatrice, it’s the ease of the owner dashboard that’s so appealing. To schedule his appointments, he uses Booker, and since he has integrated Nift and Booker, everything is seamless. The dashboard provides a lot of easy accessible information about your business for free—Beatrice notes that it’s easy enough that anyone at his practice can use it and learn about Aspire!’s performance. Plus, using the dashboard, Beatrice “can track the revenue that we get from that customer, and we can tie it back to the real source of referral, which is Nift.”

Bolster You
and Your Community

Use Nifts to strengthen your neighborhood

Beatrice sees the key to Nift’s success in how Nift works in the community. “The idea that Nift has of leveraging other small businesses in the area, and leveraging their customer base really makes sense. It’s the only option that I’ve seen that allowed us to quickly get known in the local community,” Beatrice says. And it works both ways. When each business in the network grows, all other businesses grow as more customers come to the network and explore other businesses. For Aspire! Med Spa, Nift is an integral part of their exposure and success in the community.

“I thoroughly enjoyed my relaxing massage at Aspire! Xiang was sensitive to my requests for a gentle massage. Nice, comfortable, relaxing atmosphere.”
- Karen M.

A new Aspire! Med Spa Customer

Attract Great New Customers

Thanks to proprietary algorithms

Nift brings new repeat customers to small businesses like Aspire! Med Spa. Nift customers are always local people who have a high potential to become repeat customers. To find the best new customers, business owners can let Nift know that they want to welcome customers who live within a certain radius. Beatrice does this, and it assures him that all Nift customers live within 8 miles of his business. When he does this, “we have a higher retention rate from Nift customers because they are local, and they’re coming to us from a local business.”

79% Spend Double the Value of Their Gift

Join Nift to Increase your Revenue

With Nift, Beatrice can select for customers that are likely to increase his business’s revenue. For him, this means spending more than the value of the gift, and returning for more visits. When he does this, it works. He says, “Nift customers are some of the better clients because they tend to spend more money” than other customers.

Help the Whole Network

Join Nift to Power your Community

Beatrice sees the value in a network of small businesses. He knows that referring great customers from one business to another, using Nift, powers the market for everyone. To make sure he does his part in the network, Beatrice uses his Nift dashboard to mark some of his other favorite local businesses that he wants customers who get Nift cards from him to be able to try out when they use their Nift cards.

94% of Customers Would Recommend Aspire! to Friends

Join Nift to Find Great New Customers (and their Friends)

Once customers discover Aspire!, they’re likely to tell friends about it. One employee of Aspire! noted that new clients frequently heard about the spa from one of their friends. Since Nift customers are already a great fit for your business, they’re more like ly to enjoy their experience, and invite their friends to experience your business, too.

Get Discovered Fast

Join Nift to See Immediate Results

With Nift, small businesses can make sure they will be discovered by great new customers. Beatrice explains that normally it may take a person a long time to try a new business, “Nift accelerates that process, and a customer might come in the first time they get a Nift from another businesses,” instead of waiting a long time to try it out.

Perfect For Growing Businesses

“One of the big problems that small businesses face especially when they start is how to market themselves in a cost effective way to the local community,” Beatrice says. But Nift h elps with that. Beatrice describes Nift as “clever, cost effective, and effective.” Nift uses innovative ideas to help sma ll businesses grow their loyal customer base, letting business owners grow their business while still putting a lot of energy into managing their business. Aspire! Med Spa has grown alongside Nift. Soon, Aspire! will be opening two more locations in the greater Boston area. Nift gives small businesses the boost they need to grow.

Aspire! Med Spa

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