“Nift is a win-win. We get new customers and help other businesses.”


Le DeSales Restaurant, in downtown Washington, D.C., uses Nift to help make fine dining, and their hidden gem of a restaurant, accessible to the entire community. Manager, Zoe Bertrand, says, “it's elevated dining, but with a really rustic feel.” After earning Michelin stars in London and New York City, head chef Raphael Francois wanted to give every audience the chance to experience fine dining, and Le DeSales was born.

“We use Nift because it brings in people who are actually local,” Bertrand says. “And it's one of the only marketing tools out there that's actually quantifiable. With Nift, we know people are coming in.”

“Nift helps us be embedded in the community.”


““Of course, we love to welcome hotel guests and tourists,” Bertrand says, “but we also want to be a dining destination for locals. Since we're on a side street, and about two blocks down from the main road, we need a hook to get those folks through the door. And for us, that's Nift.” Nift customers are local. Using the Nift dashboard, Bertrand can see who comes in and where they're coming from: “it's exciting to see how many people come in, and it feels good to know that people are excited about us, and choosing to come to our restaurant.”

“I know Nift is doing its job in the background.”


“Nift is really clear and effective,” Bertrand says. With the bustle of the restaurant and the customers coming in being their primary focus, the Le DeSales team doesn't have the time to devote to complicated marketing that might not even work. That's why they use Nift. “We're a small business, so we need something like Nift. It's easy to understand, it's doing its job, and when I do have time to check the dashboard, it's always a nice surprise to see just how many people came in and what they spent.”

“My first time at Le DeSales and I was not disappointed! I ate at the bar and went with the recommendations of the bartender which were all delicious. I loved the cozy but very elegant atmosphere.”
- Francoise L.


“Nift lets us connect with our customers and other businesses.”


“We do have a lot of regulars here,” Bertrand says, “and it's always nice to give them Nifts.” By giving Nifts as well as receiving customers with Nifts, Le DeSales is “helping the other businesses in the community.” Bertrand adds, “We love helping other businesses get known. We always give Nifts to our friendliest customers or our regulars, so that we're connecting other businesses in our area with the best people we know. A Nift is a way to push our customers towards other businesses we want to support.”

Customers Spend 180% Over Value of Gift

Join Nift to bring in high spenders

Nift finds customers who are likely to be high spenders. At Le DeSales, “people who come in with a Nift often come in for a full meal: they sit, they have drinks, eat, and have a good time,” says Bertrand. Welcoming Nift customers gives the Le DeSales menu an opportunity to shine: “people who have never enjoyed pâté in their lives love it,” Bertrand says. Givi ng Nift customers a great first experience also helps Le DeSales raise revenue.

Bring in Local Customers

Join Nift to become a staple of your neighborhood

“We're a hidden gem,” says Bertrand, referencing Le DeSales' location on a quiet side street. “We know we're adding something special to the D.C. food scene, and while we love welcoming tourists and hotel guests, it's great to use Nift to bring in people who are actually local. Nift gives people from all over the city to actually come and check out this part of D.C.”

20% Return Just One Month After Discovering Le DeSales

Join Nift to get more revenue from returners

“When I check the dashboard, I like seeing the return rate,” Bertrand says. Nift surveys all customers, and tracks when they return after visiting with a Nift. “And I like seeing the emails,” Bertrand says, “that notify me when someone has returned.” By bringing in customers who are likely to return, Nift helps Le DeSales become a stronghold of the community."

Only Pay When It Works

Join Nift for cost-effective marketing

“The cost of Nift works very simply,” says Bertrand. Because businesses only pay when it works, “you know what you're spending and when. Nift is one of our most effe ctive marketing tools,” adds Bertrand. When businesses sign up, they choose how many new customers they want to welcome per month. Then, they only pay when customers come in. “With other marketing tools, we can't actually quantify anything.”

“A Nift is a way to celebrate.”

“A lot of Nift customers come in with a partner or with a friend, but sometimes people use their Nift as an opportunity to celebrate — try somewhere they've never been, and might not be their usual kind of place.” Adding that Nift is a win-win for customers and Le DeSales, Bertrand says, “being a part of someone's experience is my favorite part of the business. When people come in to celebrate, we're a part of that. They've chosen our restaurant for their celebration, and I love knowing that we're helping them have a great time.”

Le DeSales

1725 DeSales Street NW, Washington, DC 20036

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