“I hear these stories all the time: They came in with a Nift. And now they're a regular.”

Matthew Mazzotta, Director, Masa

Masa Latin Kitchen and Tequila Bar has a twenty-year history in Boston’s South End. Dishing up authentic Latin American cuisine and boasting over 150 different varieties of tequila, Masa aims to be a neighborhood restaurant offering fair prices and good portions. Director Matthew Mazzotta wants to ensure that Masa can do just that, as well as support other small businesses in the area looking to do the same thing. When Mazzotta came to Masa two years ago, a general manager mentioned Nift. Always willing to take a meeting, and intrigued by Nift, Mazzotta signed up with Nift two years ago.

He’d been using other marketing platforms, but he says “very few of them actually deliver people to your restaurant.” That’s why he chose Nift. And Masa has been using it ever since.

Showcase Your Business

Wow first timers to turn them into regulars

Thanks to Nift, businesses get the opportunity to put their best foot forward when new customers come in. Masa, like the other businesses in the network, was able to create its own gift. Masa offers both a $20 and a $30 gift certificate to the restaurant. Mazzotta has seen how Nift customers can become regulars. Once Nift brings customers in, Masa makes sure they have a great experience that draws them back.

From Nift
to Regulars

Reach the right customers in your area

Mazzotta says that Masa has used social media marketing tools like Facebook and Yelp, but he doesn’t like that they “only offer you clicks, or people looking at your website or people doing lots of things around your business, but not people coming in.” Nift customers are different. Mazzotta says that his bartenders and servers frequently notice customers who first came in with Nift and are now regulars.

“Amazing food, drinks, and service. Loved trying out a place in my neighborhood that I didn’t know existed. Will definitely be visiting again!”
- Kayla F.

A new Masa Customer

Get the Exact Numbers

Thanks to in-depth data

Mazzotta loves Nift because it lets him keep track of how his business is doing. Nift’s merchant dashboard lets Masa see how many customers come in to redeem Nifts at the restaurant, and see how much they spend. It also lets you make changes whenever you need them. One of Mazzotta’s favorite features is being able to adjust the demographics of what kinds of customers he would like to see. Nift lets Masa make sure it attracts customers who are a great fit for the restaurant.

$68.43 spent on average, or 164% more than the value of the gift

Join Nift to find customers who spend more

Nift’s merchant dashboard lets merchants rate and review the customers that come in using Nift gift cards. Mazzotta uses this feature to track customer spending, and he’s happy to see that Nift customers frequently spend much more than the value of the gift they use.

54 new customers per month redeem a Nift card at Masa

Join Nift to fill your tables

Mazzotta has noticed that Nift customers frequently come in groups. When one person redeems a Nift card, they’re bringing others with them to try Masa. All these new faces help Masa fill its tables on quieter weekdays, so they’re full every day of the week.

82% of Masa’s Nift customers intend to return

Join Nift to optimize for repeat customers

Nift works to bring the right customers to your business. Nift customers are people who are likely to become repeats, who come back to your business again and again.

70% of Nift customers would recommend Masa to a friend

Join Nift to boost your business

“We had a great first visit to Masa and will definitely be back. The atmosphere was cozy, food was delicious and the service was great! Our waitress was kind enough to let us know about a Salsa night that they host once a month, so we will be sure to come back for that! The manager was extremely friendly and we would absolutely recommend this restaurant for a casual night out.”
-Karen T.

Supporting the Neighborhood

At Masa, Nift helps build community. Servers at Masa hand Nift gift cards to patrons, introducing them to a new way to explore other local businesses. “The idea that we could be supporting the barber shop or the salon in our direct vicinity strikes a chord,” Mazzotta says. Nift powers him, his servers, and his customers to strengthen the neighborhood around him.

Masa Latin Kitchen & Tequila Bar

Spanish Restaurant & Tapas Bar
439 Tremont St, Boston, MA 02116

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