“Nift is a chance to make a customer for life.”


For over a decade, Paris Creperie has been serving up mouth-watering crepes and specialty beverages. They've been so successful that they're planning an expansion into the Seaport in early 2019. They also started using Nift's Text Feedback feature, which lets customers in the restaurant text their in their feedback (in exchange for a Nift Gift to another local business), and managers can see it immediately.

“My favorite part of Nift is Text Feedback,” says Assistant General Manager Shane Hyman. “It lets us quickly improve on items personally, and we'll take it seriously. It's been working great for us, and we've tried a lot of things. You'd be stupid not to try it.”

“See what customers really think.”


Paris Creperie receives feedback about the best crepes, and their great customer service, and their iconic Nutella frozen hot chocolate. “I actually like getting feedback about a menu item yielding a poor review,” Hyman adds, noting that it informs his decision about menu changes. Sometimes, customers text in feedback about a new crepe they'd like to see, which gives Hyman a sense of what crepes would be successful monthly specials, or additions to the menu in the new year.

“I use Text Feedback to grow the company.”


Hyman notes that Text Feedback is a natural way for Paris Creperie to make changes that lead to better customer service and better products. “We actually put the feedback in a staff newsletter so they can see it all in one place,” he says. “At the end of a long day, it's great to see customers had a positive experience, but weird as it sounds, I do like negative reviews, like ‘there was too much cinnamon.' That really helps us step up our game, see where we might be lacking, and figure out how to fix it.” Making quick changes helps Paris Creperie showcase the best they have to offer, and gain new loyal customers.

“Hi! This is a very quaint spot to grab a bite! Got the John Goudaman and it was a really yummy crepe. A little big for me but my boyfriend ate a whole one no problem. Might have liked a little less turkey in it but again, personal opinion. Can't wait to try more!”
- Anna R.


“A review is on a public forum. This is private and we can respond directly.”


Text Feedback is a closed loop, meaning the feedback goes straight to managers rather than being posted online. Hyman says this makes it more personal, and easier to problem-solve, adding, “it's nice to get feedback instead of a review because with a review, the customer already made up their mind on a public forum where anyone can see, whereas we can actually get the text feedback and we can improve on these items personally. We really want to give the best product we can.”

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Nift's algorithms find customers who are more likely to come back than the average customer. Returning customers help Paris Creperie gain revenue from multiple visits, not just the first time. “Nift is a chance to make a customer for life,” Hyman says.

40 Pieces of Text Feedback Every Week

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“We check the feedback that customers text in on a daily basis,” Hyman says. And the process is seamless. Replies are automated, so when a customer texts in, they automatically receive a Nift card to another business, and the feedback gets sent directly to Hyman and his team. It helps make their process simple, and makes customers happy and feel valued.

Make Fixes in Minutes

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Hyman says that constructive feedback that customers text in is extremely helpful, because they become aware of issues they might not have noticed. “If there's something going on with a crepe, or the music is too loud, we can fix it immediately,” he says. Then , customers are happier and Paris Creperie performs better.

All New Customers Come from within 2 Miles

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“I love that the dashboard lets you see where Nift customers are coming from,” says Hyman. Paris Creperie chose to set their Nift up so that only people who live or work fewer than 2 miles away can see it; it helps bring in local customers for whom a return visit is easier, since they're already in the area.

“When a Nift customer becomes a repeat customer, them coming back adds up.”

“When a Nift customer comes in, they can be a little overwhelmed,” Hyman says, referring to the extensive menu with breakfast, savory crepes, sweet crepes, and more. But he turns it into an opportunity to gain a new loyal customer. “It's the best time to show a new customer what we're all about, we'll walk them through the process and help them out,” he says. Plus, Hyman notes that his and his staff's work pays off. Nift customers come back. “I remember someone came in with a Nift, and I actually saw them come back the next day. So being able to bring in a customer and have them come back really soon has been a great experience.”

Paris Creperie

Creperie, Coffee Shop, Brunch Restaurant
278 Harvard St, Brookline, MA 02446

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