“With Nift, I know people are coming in.”


“I've been working at 2nd Street Cafe in some way for about 13 years now, but I bought it two years ago,” says Tammy De Martinez. Laughing, she says, “a lot of newer restaurants seem to be on the trendier side, but we try and be somewhere between classic and trendy.” Since buying the cafe, De Martinez has given it a “top ten” menu of classic sandwiches sure to make anyone's mouth water.

“I know I should be advertising,” says De Martinez, “but it's never really been in my budget until Nift. With Nift, I'm paying for advertising that I know is actually working.”

“Nift is advertising where I can see the results.”


Unlike Yelp and other marketing platforms that De Martinez has considered, she says Nift is the only one that actually lets her see that it's working. “This is the first advertising where I feel like I can see the results.” Since signing up four months ago, “we've seen about 60 or 70 new customers,” she says. On her Nift dashboard, she can easily track how well Nift is working: “I can actually see who has already come in, if they've come back, and even the people who could possibly come in with a Nift.”

“It's affordable. You only pay when you see results.”


With a tight budget many small business owners are familiar with, De Martinez can't put money towards things that don't work. “Nift is advertising that's in my price range, and I only actually pay anything when a new customer walks in.” Nift's pay per customer model lets De Martinez be in charge of how much she spends, so she'll never spend more than she's comfortable with. “There's no contract or anything, and it's so easy to sign up,” she adds, saying that Nift's model make getting new customers easy for small businesses.

“Yum! I wouldn't have known about this place if it wasn't for Nift!”
- Jeanie N.


“It's really easy to see
how it's working.”


One of De Martinez's favorite part of Nift is the dashboard, where she can easily see exactly what Nift is doing. “It's really easy to keep track of everything, and it makes it so low-stress for me,” she says. “One of my favorite parts is the reviews. I go in to see what customers thought, so I can see if they enjoyed their visit. And I can respond to them, too, which is great.” Plus, the reviews have had another great effect for 2nd Street Cafe: “You know, we actually had a lady come in with a Nift the other day, and say that the reason she chose our gift was the reviews from other Nift customers.”

93% of Customers Have or Intend to Return to 2nd Street Cafe

Join Nift to Increase Repeat Visits

Because Nift pairs customers with businesses they're already interested in, 2nd Street Cafe, and any Nift business, can feel confident that Nift customers are highly likely to become repeat customers.

Welcome Customers Who Wouldn't Otherwise Come In

Join Nift to Get the Word Out

Most of 2nd Street Cafe's customers are people who work nearby, and hear from others that they should come in for lunch. With Nift, 2nd Street Cafe can welcome more than just people who heard about it from office buddies. They can welcome anyone.

92% of Nift Customers Have Never Visited Before

Join Nift to Take Advantage of Your Neighborhood

Even though 2nd Street Cafe has been in the neighborhood for 20 years, there are still people who don't know about it. Nift brings them in. 92% of the people who visit 2nd Street Cafe with a Nift had never been in before, even though they work right in the neighborhood.

Support the Neighborhood

Join Nift to Help Other Businesses

“When you give Nifts to your customers, they're visiting other small businesses. And basically, we're helping them survive,” De Martinez says. Nift won't send customers from 2nd Street Cafes to any competing businesses, but De Martinez notes, “I'm helping other businesses get more business, too.”

Showcase What Your Business Has to Offer

Anyone who gets the chance to visit 2nd Street Cafe with a NIft will see just how special it is. De Martinez is a warm, welcoming presence, and makes sure customers find something that will satisfy them: “we want this to be a place where you can get something trendy, like chicken and pesto, or roast beef with boursin. But it's also a place where you can just get tuna fish on white bread.” Nift gives her the opportunity to show new people, who never would have been in otherwise, all that 2nd Street Cafe has to offer.

2nd Street Cafe

89 2nd St Ste 1, Cambridge, MA 02141

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