“Nift gets the word out for us. It brings customers we wouldn’t otherwise reach.”


Rich Gaccione, General Manager at Ula Cafe in Jamaica Plain, works hard to make sure Ula Cafe is a mainstay of the community and feels like home to anyone who may come in. Ula has been in business for over a decade, and has been using Nift for over two years. “Nift was brought to my att ention when a co-owner of New Harvest Coffee said she thought it would be a good idea for Ula,” Rich says. “It seemed like it would be a good idea for the neighborhood.”

“The community aspect is a big part of Nift for us,” Rich explains. “Since I’ve been here, we haven’t used other marketing platforms. We’ve been going with Nift.” For Rich, making sure that any marketing platform aligns with Ula’s community-centered vibe is crucial: “it’s something we pride ourselves on,” he says.

To maintain Ula’s unique identity, “Nift is the natural choice.”

“Bridge the gap between customer and business”


Something Rich loves about Nift is that it gives even more people the chance to try Ula Cafe, and it gives Ula a way to bond with current customers. “We want new customers to experience us as a place that they haven’t seen before, and realize we’re here, and we offer a home-like experience,” he says. Nift lets him do that. But being a part of a vibrant community is about more than getting discovered. “It’s a way to tie businesses together,” Rich adds. “It’s a natural way to build community. Nift lets our customers try something new when we give out Nift cards—whatever business is in the neighborhood they didn’t know about.”

“A hands-off, organic transaction”


Using Nift is simple, which makes it a great fit for a busy cafe like Ula. When Rich thinks about implementing new processes at Ula, one of his first concerns is his staff. When he thought about how he wanted the process of giving cards out to work, he wanted something that would fit in naturally at Ula. And it makes sense for Ula, a space that’s always trying to build community. “It’s a way to bring businesses together by offering different things to different people, and it’s natural for people to get something from us and get to try another business,” says Rich.

“I loved Ula Cafe! The cappuccino was excellent, and the space is great for meeting friends, getting work done, or simply relaxing with a book. I will definitely be back!”
- Megan D.


Access Valuable Data


When Rich started using Nift, he was handing out physical gift cards. “But,” he says, “once I learned a little more about the Nift process, and how to use it, I decided to send email Nifts. And that’s when it took off.” Using Nift gives Rich access to new customers, and ways to learn more about his business. Rich loves that Nift is “a valuable information tool” that lets him see and keep track of much more than he could otherwise. For busy people like Rich, Nift provides a one-stop spot to learn nitty gritty details that may have slipped away during a packed day. One of the details that Rich sees that he otherwise wouldn’t get is selection rate—how many customers chose a gift to Ula. “It’s just neat,” Rich adds, “to see the actual number of people who chose us.”

52% of Nift Customers Returned to Ula Within a Month

Join Nift to Discover Repeat Business

Nift brings customers to your business who will return again and again. In just a month, 52% of customers introduced to Ula Cafe via Nift had returned. And it’s really easy to keep track of that. Rich notes, “I know people do come back, I see the feedback on the dashboard and metrics we get from Nift.” Nift surveys customers who try your business, so we can let you know how often they come back.

Find Great New Customers

Join Nift to Grow Your Business

When someone gets a Nift, they’re excited. Rich has noticed that people who receive a Nift from another business to use at Ula come in “are notable because they’re so excited. It’s just a no strings attached gift. They’re just so happy to use it.” Customers who get a Nift are happy and excited, making them more likely to enjoy your business and spend more.

87% of Customers Would Recommend Ula to Friends

Join Nift to Increase Community Awareness of Your Business

According to Rich, and many other Nift merchants, “Nift brings customers that wouldn't otherwise come to our business. It’s a really nice tool to get people to come in and try your shop.” Nift brings in new customers who haven’t tried your business before, but who are likely to enjoy it. When they enjoy it, they let their friends know.
“Can't believe I didn't know it was there before. I'll definitel y be going back frequently and have already recommended it to a few friends,” said Caterina D. after using a Nift card at Ula.

Strengthen Your Customer Base

Join Nift to Welcome the Perfect Customers for You

Nift lets you find a customer base of people you know will be th e right match for your brand. brings you customers who are a perfect match to your preferred demographic. It’s customizable, so if you’re looking for a specific type of customer, you can do that. Or, if you’re like Ula Cafe, and your demographic is “young to old and everybody in between,” you can have your gift shown to just about anyone.

Spread the Goodwill

Nift is a way to show your appreciation for your community, and in turn, see how the community sports you. When Rich started using Nift at Ula, he says he “wanted to share the gift of Nift with everybody in the neighborhood.” He explains that when customers come in with a NIft to Ula from another business, it lets him know that Nift is strengthening community ties by encouraging discovery: “when other businesses have customers who get a gift to Ula, it really shows that they appreciate Nift.” Plus, once customers notice the work Ula does for the community using Nift, “customers see and enjoy that.”

Ula Cafe

284 Amory St, Jamaica Plain, MA 02130

Nift for Business

Give gifts get discovered

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