“I’d recommend Nift to any local business.”

Nick Cannalonga, Owner, Wagon Wheel Nursery & Farmstead

When Nick Cannalonga and his brother took over Wagon Wheel Farmstand in 2003, they knew they had a long legacy to uphold. Cannalonga’s family started Wagon Wheel Farmstand in 1952—and although they’ve evolved, they’ve been providing their community with award-winning service and local produce ever since opening. To make sure the family business flourishes, Cannalonga uses Nift.

“We’ve used some online coupon companies, and they do offer something,” Cannalonga says, “but they go out to people who seem to be a one-and-done customer just looking for a bargain, and a Nift customer isn’t that type of customer.”

Cannalonga finds that Nift customers are people who are perfect for his business, and he “knows Nift customers are coming back.”

Bring in the Right Customers

Nift finds customers who will be perfect for your business

For any small independent business, finding customers who will keep coming back is essential. Nift’s matching algorithms take care of that. When a customer gets a Nift gift card, Nift pairs them with the perfect local business, making sure they’ll enjoy their experience. Cannalonga says that using Nift “brings in a different clientele than other forms of advertising. Nift customers are customers Wagon Wheel might not have reached any other way: they’re local, they’re using other local businesses, and they’re right in our demographic.”

Thank Your
Great Customers

Use Nift to remind your customers why they love you

Cannalonga knows that there’s more to Nift than getting great new customers. He also sees Nift as the perfect opportunity to strengthen his relationships with his existing customers. In the store, he gives physical Nift gift cards to his best customers. “I try to give them to customers paying full price, who haven’t used a discount or a coupon, and give them a Nift as a gift back to them,” Cannalonga says. “And,” he adds, “the great part is they’re not for our store. They get to use it somewhere else, and that way all the businesses in the network are benefitting.”

“I absolutely loved it! It's so close to my house, plants and fresh produce are some of my favorite things and that is exactly what this is! I can't wait to go again! Also, the prices were completely reasonable.”
- Karen M.

Track How Your Business Is Doing

Nift shows you tangible results

One of Cannalonga’s favorite features of Nift is how much information he can get from his owner dashboard. Using the dashboard, he can read reviews of Wagon Wheel that customers who came in with a Nift left after visiting the farmstand. “Many times,” Cannalonga notes, “I get an email saying a customer has been back and they’re happy. It’s definitely an advantage Nift has over any other type of advertising.”

50% of Nift customers returned within a month

Join Nift to Find Repeat Customers

Nift finds the right customers for your business. Using your owner dashboard, you can let Nift know exactly the type of customer you want to welcome. Then, we’ll show you how many of them have come back.”

$100k in Expected Revenue from Nift Customers

Join Nift to Boost Your Business

When Cannalonga and his brother discovered Nift, they were happy to jump aboard: “We thought it would be a good way to bring in new customers. It is.” And they can see just how well Nift is working. Wagon Wheel expects about $100k annually from Nift customers.

90% of Customers would Recommend Wagon Wheel

Join Nift to Get Your Name Out There

In tight-knit communities, word travels fast. Nift brings in people who may not have otherwise discovered the business, and then those people tell their friends. Nift brings more of the right customers through the doors.

The Average Nift Customer Spends Double the Value of Their Gift

Join Nift to Increase Revenue

“Over half the time a Nift customer comes in”, Cannalonga says, “it’s $20, $25 a sale.” Wagon Wheel offers a $10 gift certificate, which means most Nift customers are spending double the Nift value. “We’re really happy with the return we’re getting,&drdquo; he says.

Power the Whole Community

For Cannalonga, Nift benefits more than just his store. It helps his whole community. “Here in Lexington,” Cannalonga says of Wagon Wheel’s hometown, “we have many independent businesses. We try and work together as a community.” Referring great customers from Wagon Wheel to other local businesses, Cannalonga keeps Lexington strong.

Wagon Wheel

Nursery & Farmstead
927 Waltham St., Lexington, MA 02421

Nift for Business

Give gifts get discovered

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