“With typical advertising, exposure is offered but there’s no guarantee that it brings money in. Nift is a better way to bring people in to our business.”

Kerri Kokkinogenis, Owner, Wildflower Pantry

Wildflower Pantry is a local food store that focuses on “connecting people who eat the food with the people who make and grow the food.” The Brighton-based small business helps to reduce the average American plate from 1,110 miles to just 60 miles from farm to plate. Owner and founder Kerri Kokkinogenis appreciates the fact that Nift is trying to support local businesses just like she is.

Prior to joining the Nift network, Wildflower Pantry tried to create local awareness using online campaigns and in-print advertising in local Boston publications. Unfortunately, those tactics weren't connecting with the right customers, which made Kokkinogenis turn to Nift.

“Numerically, Nift Makes Sense.”

Upon signing up, merchants will create a gift for their business. For Wildflower Pantry, that gift is a $12 gift certificate towards anything in the store. Merchants are able to set their budget, decide how many new customers they’d like to welcome each month, and tailor their Nift experience to what they feel comfortable with. This gives them control and flexibility.

New Patrons

Thanks to proprietary algorithms

Wildflower Pantry can be discovered by new customers who are not only local to the area, but have also shown interest in businesses like Kokkinogenis’. Frequently, these customers never would have discovered Wildflower Pantry without Nift. “Nift is wildly different from other types of marketing where you are just throwing your name out there. Nift helps bring the right customers from the right geography.” says Kokkinogenis.

“Nice selection of items, friendly service, fair prices. I'll go back again!”
- Jeanne M.

A new Wildflower Pantry Customer

Thank Existing Customers

Give gifts to other local businesses

Kokkinogenis can thank her existing customers by offering them Nift cards. Thanking your customers makes them feel appreciated. Customers who have received Nifts as tokens of thanks from other businesses come to Wildflower Pantry excited to try a new business and happy they have a gift. Kokkinogenis says “this creates the opportunity to interact with them when they are in that happy place. We've seen the value that Nift places on building relationships with local customers. Nift helps us connect.”

The average Nift customer spends 58% over the value of their gift.

Join Nift to Attract Quality Customers

In addition to being able to welcome interested customers into the store, Nift has helped Wildflower Pantry leverage the power of psychographics, demographics, and geographical data to connect with first time customers. According to Kokkinogenis, “customers usually go over the gift by at least a little bit, but some customers spend twice as much.”

Join Nift to Find New Regulars

Join Nift to Find Repeat Customers

When merchants choose how many customers to welcome each month, Nift works to identify the best possible customers. With Nift, Wildflower Pantry choses to welcome 10 new customers each month. “It was great - owner was super nice and walked me through everything the store had to offer. I would definitely go back! It's a great place to shop local not only by going there, but also because everything in the shop is supplied by local producers!” - Sarah L, a new Wildflower Pantry customer.

93% of the customers sent via Nift are new customers.

Join Nift to Target Your Market

Each month, the Nift network sends Wildflower Pantry new customers. 93% of them have never been to Wildflower Pantry before. Without Nift, these customers may never have discovered Wildflower Pantry--and Wildflower Pantry wouldn’t have discovered new loyal customers. In fact, 75% of these customers plan to or have already returned to Wildflower Pantry as repeat customers.

Over $3,600 in revenue brought in by Nift

Join Nift to Increase Your Revenue

Nift customers are more likely than other customers to return to your business. Nift helps you keep track of the revenue that Nift customers bring to your business, and that you otherwise wouldn’t have received. Wildflower Pantry has earned over $3,600 from Nift customers alone.

Strengthening Community Relationships.

Kokkinogenis wants to help her customers be aware of where their food comes from. Nift lets her do that. The new customers she gets from Nift let her support the local food industry, and she sees the results. In the words of Kokkinogenis, “I would definitely recommend Nift to other people. It is a better way to bring people in to our business. You have this gift, a joyful thing that I am giving to you, which opens the door for a great customer interaction.”

Wildflower Pantry

Grocery Store & Healthy Food Market
575 Washington St, Brighton, MA 02135

Nift for Business

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