COVID-19 is hurting everyone.

We’d be honored to help your neighborhood
business raise funds.

COVID-19 is
hurting everyone.

We’d be honored to help your
neighborhood business raise funds.


Fundraise from 3.2M Customers
Raise money from people in the community who want to help business owners and their employess. We built the Nift Store to immediately help neighborhood businesses fundraise and ride out COVID-19 with instant access to our customer base of over 3 million consumers.
We Won't Charge You Anything
There is NO COST to be listed on the store and 100% of the proceeds go directly to your businesses, either by check or direct deposit. Local customers can select the neighborhood business of their choice, pledge money NOW, and enjoy that business when they open their doors again later. In minutes, any businesses can be set up to let people “pledge now, to enjoy later.”
You Get Immediate Cash Flow
When a customer purchases a prepaid e-gift card to your business like the one above, they will be able to access it via the Nift gift app or via email. They will be reminded to check to make sure you're open before they come in to use their gift. We'll clearly mark these gift certificates as "pre-paid."
Less Than 2-Minutes to Enroll
The Nift Store is open to all businesses, anywhere. You don’t have to be a Nift member business to use this service. If you are a Nift member business, please know that we will allow customers to pre-order gift cards to your businesses, but we will not process any transactions until you sign in to finish enrollment and authorize Nift to sell e-gift cards on your behalf. Please take a moment to add your business to the store. It’s fast, easy, and it really pays.

Or you have permission from the business owner to begin enrolling in
the Nift Store. By submitting, you agree to Nift's Terms of Service.

Start fundraising right away.

We’ll get this request going asap and do our best to get you going within 24-48 hours. If you have any questions before then, please contact us directly at fundraising@gonift.com